People First. Period.

Speaking Engagements

Bring the energy and engagement to your next event. A.G.E. provides customized keynotes for conferences, institutes, summits, university programs, etc.

Ashley - Speaker
Ashley Gaddy

Training, Workshops and Facilitation

Connect with staff, teams, companies, groups, on topics surrounding Diversity and Inclusion and team development.

Individual Coaching

You just want time! This collaboration is reoccurring dedicated time with a client to help create, plan, and implement their own path to self-growth and awareness, whether in diversity or personal work.


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Organizational Work

Organizational Consultation and Guidance

Have questions? Need a thought partner? Consultation and Guidance provides recurring dedicated time with leaders, councils, committees, and teams to assist with creating, planning, and implementing support and action plans for team members.

Research, Analysis and Development

Quality Data Matters. A.G.E. provides a systematic process of identifying areas for improvement with an organization. Whether building and implementing assessments, facilitating focus groups, reviewing policies and procedures, or developing strategy, this service is customized for the organization to thrive.