Dr. Ashley Gaddy Robbins believes in a holistic approach to education. While she is a consultant and scholar, she is a wife, amma, friend, daughter, lover of live music, and so much more.

Dr. Ashley Gaddy Robbins

Dr. Amma is a space to talk about ways to communicate to children about topics of diversity, inclusion, and identity. Now more than ever it’s time for us as adults, parents, guardians, etc. to be a part of the knowledge sharing process. This space is a place for us to come vulnerable, curious, not knowing all the answers in order to help cultivate knowledgeable and caring kids. While this space is geared towards adults, it centers the well being and future of our children.

Speaking Engagements

Bring the energy and engagement to your next event. Dr. Gaddy Robbins provides customized keynotes for conferences, summits, retreats, and more.

Individual Coaching

You just want time! This collaboration is reoccurring dedicated time with an individual to talk through their own path to self-growth and awareness. This service helps to strengthen a person’s confidence in their journey or to better teach families, students, or communities.