About Dr. Ashley Gaddy Robbins

Dr. Ashley Gaddy Robbins

For many of us, our calling comes to us at a young age. Dr. Ashley Gaddy Robbins first heard her calling in her early years and followed that voice in pursuit of advocating for equity in underserved communities and for underrepresented groups. Dr. Gaddy Robbins serves as the founder and head consultant of Ashley Gaddy Enterprises, an agency which focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion using authentic approach to center humanity. She has previously worked in Higher Education, Corporate Sales, and Telecommunications serving in all organizational levels. Dr. Gaddy Robbins believes that normalizing authenticity in the workplace leads to happier and more successful teams. She also believes that true leadership requires the awareness of one’s values and purpose, and she leverages that foundation as she builds and implements winning people and culture strategies.

Dr. Gaddy Robbins is a North Carolina native and received her Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and Master’s in Liberal Studies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and PhD in Cultural Studies at George Mason University. Social Justice Education and Social Change are passion areas for Dr. Gaddy Robbins, and she enjoys watching individuals transform during their DEI journey.

As a Black woman who has worked mostly in predominately white spaces in the south, Dr. Gaddy Robbins spends much time advocating for vulnerable identity groups and centering their power. Dr. Gaddy Robbins’s research & practitioner focuses on race and gender equity, power, inclusive leadership, DEI in practice, institutional equity using mixed methods assessment, Dr. Gaddy Robbins’s background also includes serving as faculty in Communication Studies at UNCW teaching Interracial Communication.

As the daughter of an Executive Director of a non-profit, Ashley has personally witnessed the ongoing work and dedication that is required to serve communities. She is a wife, Amma to 4 girls, and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership is an approach used to incorporate one’s values and purpose into a managerial style that focuses on who people are individually while being mission driven and focused on results. It is hard to be unapologetically yourself especially if one hasn’t taken the time to learn who they are. A.G.E uses this approach to handcraft sessions that focus on self-identity and awareness.


The process of active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity in ways that increase awareness and empathic understanding of the complex ways individuals interact within systems and institutions. AGE creates workshops on topics surrounding inclusivity and more specifically how bias and systems of power, privilege, and oppression play a role in leveraging difference for equality and positive social change.


A liberation process made to give power and confidence to self in order to represent and stand for their interests, values, and beliefs. Life experiences and people may take from us, it is important that we empower and uplift ourselves to refuel passions. AGE empowers audiences to feel proud of who they are and motivates them to take the next step!

Relevant Experience

  • Create and facilitate Diversity and Inclusion trainings for staffs, teams, organizations, and companies
  • Lead sessions to assist leaders and emerging leaders learn traits and skills required to successfully manage teams and programs using an authentic leadership framework.
  • Create customized speeches for conferences, institutes, summits,university programs, etc. based on identity empowerment and social change.
  • Use consultative approach to help assess, strategize, and implement a
    D&I organizational strategy.
  • Coach clients on developing their own path to self-growth and awareness, whether in diversity or personal work.
  • Create and manage all contracts, travel arrangements, and financial
    procedures and  develop and administer ongoing assessment and evaluation of all
    services provided.
Ashley Gaddy